1. What should my child bring on the first day of school?
The first day of school is a full instructional day. The student should come prepared with a notebook, pen/pencil for the day.

2. How does my child obtain a metro card?
Student information and addresses are already in the system, which generates a metro card. Generally, on the first day of school your child will receive a student metro card. It is advisable to send your child with a metro card the first day just in case school metro cards are not made available. If your child loses his/her metro card, he/she must go to room 110 for a replacement. A replace card takes at least two weeks….

4. Is there a private school bus available?
Private bus services are not available to NYC public High Schools unless arranged by parents. You may wish to contact private bus companies that may be available to transport your child.

5. Does my child have to fill out a lunch form?
Yes, every student is required to fill out a lunch form each year. This form will also be given out in prefect classes and may be obtained from room 110 in the center section of the lunchroom. Please return these forms immediately. Supplemental school funding is contingent on lunch form submission.

6. How are school I.D.’s obtained?
Students are required to submit a photo online at and click on the link Incoming Students. If your child does not have access to online services, they will be able to visit Law & Tech during the summer on Wednesdays to take a photo.

7. What are the procedures if my child has an Individualized Educational Program?
Contact the Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services Sharaz Scofield in Room 310. Please obtain a copy of your child’s IEP from the Junior High School your child attended, and ensure that Law & Tech also has a copy forwarded from your child’s Junior High School.

8. What are the procedures for picking up a student during the school day?
A student is not permitted to leave the building without his/her parent or guardian. The student will remain in the Deans Office, room 312 until a designated family member signs him/her out. Designated family members must be listed on the Blue Emergency Card.

9. Are students allowed to bring electronic devices?
ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE NOT PREMITTED IN SCHOOL. I.e. cell phones, iPods, Gameboys, DVD, CD players. If a student is found with an electronic device it will be confiscated. A parent conference will be held. The device will be returned to the parent only.

10. Does the school have a dress code?
There is no uniform however students are advised that all are to dress in a responsible manner, appropriate for an educational environment. Appropriate attire covers the torso and consists of pants/shorts/skirts that are longer than mid-thigh in length. Students may also wish to refer to the Student’s Hand Book. Students dressed inappropriately will be detained in the Dean’s office Room 312 and parents contacted.

11. How safe is the school?
The school is very safe, however, when traveling in NYC students should always be aware of their surroundings. Students should avoid exposing valuable items such as jewelry, Ipods, cellphones and other electronic equipment.

12. What if my child has an appointment?
Students may not leave the building unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

13. When are PTA meetings?
PTA meets on the third Thursday of every month. All parents are invited to attend. Please refer to or a calendar of events.

15. How do I get information about activities and events?
Contact Guidance Counselor or visit school website at All past, current and future activities are posted on the school calender located on our homepage.

16. How do I contact my child’s teachers?
Call the school and ask for the department office. If the teacher is not available, leave a message in the department office and the teacher will return your call or email teacher; email addresses are on school website at

17. When are Progress Reports and Report Cards issued?
There are 4 Progress reports and 6 report cards issued to students, 2 progress reports and 3 Report Cards in the fall and 2 Progress reports and 3 Report cards in the spring. We also have monthly parent meetings and parent teacher conferences available 1 in the fall and 1 in the spring.

18. What do I do if I know my child is going to be absent?
You may contact the attendance office at ext. 112 or have your child bring in an absent note to each of his/her teachers. If your child will be out of school for a prolonged period (a week or more) due to illness, please contact their guidance counselor.

19. How do I submit a change of address or telephone number?
Your child may submit his/her proof of change of address or new telephone number to his/her guidance counselor or parent coordinator. Forms may be obtained in Room 108.

20. How do I find out the name of my child’s guidance counselor?
The guidance counselor’s name is on the program card or you may call the AP of Pupil Personnel Services, room 310 ext. 361 to inquire about your child’s guidance counselor.

21. As a parent, what do I do in the event of an emergency?
In the event of an emergency the parents should attempt to contact the guidance department or deans office by phone. Failing that, they should call the Dean’s office at ext. 6429 for assistance. If they come to the school they should first attempt to call guidance.

21. What is the policy on lockers?
Click here to view our locker policy.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the A.P. of Security Mr. Scofield at 718-919-1256 ext. 1040 or our Community Relations Manager, Ms. Veronica Buchanan at 718-919-1256 ext 3015.