Mission and Vision

Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology collaborates with our community to support the whole child. Creating opportunities for academic and social-emotional growth, we graduate college and career ready young adults, capable of meeting the demands of the 21st century. Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology creates opportunities for students to pursue fields of both law and technology as well as all emerging fields in the 21st century.


The mission of Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology is to develop and support our students in becoming college and career ready through the 3 C’s critical to success:

Community, Collaboration and Communication.

Community: Our students receive academic and social-emotional support from all stakeholders in the community to ensure success in high school, college and career, and beyond.

Collaboration: Our students, staff and community work together to develop real world skills that are necessary to achieve success as competitors in a global community.

Communication: We encourage discourse and debate by providing opportunities for our students to engage in classroom discussions. We teach our students to respect each other’s opinion and voice through listening and speaking thoughtfully and learning from one another.

At Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology, we push independent thinking, asking our students to be mindful and discerning, to deepen thinking through analyzing, questioning, comparing and evaluating ideas and outcomes.