A History Lesson
Year 1999. Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology began with a vision, an administrative team, teachers, staff and students but no permanent building to call home.

Under the guise of Mr. Perets, we found a temporary home at Cobble Hill before moving to another Brooklyn high school, School of the Arts. After Mr. Perets retired, Ms. Alleyne took the reins and ushered the school into its new quarters.

Housed in the renovated RKO Bushwick Theater, we inherited a beautiful building with a rich history. The RKO Bushwick opened on September 11, 1911 as a vaudeville house, the most popular form of entertainment prior to the growth of the motion-picture industry. The theater finally closed in 1969 temporarily becoming a church before it was finally abandoned for over three decades.

In January of 2003, the RKO Bushwick became ACORN High School for Social Justice. In 2010, we adopted a new name and new vision, changing our name to Brooklyn High School for Law & Technlogy. Though the buildings interior has been altered to host an educational platform, Law & Tech boasts most of the original architecture of the 1911 building.

While its physical home was borne from the arts, the theme-based our school tackled the more serious concepts of social responsibility and productive citizenship. We implemented a social justice theme alongside a strong after-school program. Though our school community has continuously changed in its decade of existence, one thing remains certain: the school has been gifted with a slice of Brooklyn history.

Educational Philosophy
Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology focuses on providing a rigorous, college preparatory program that produces critical thinkers, both academically and socially. Law & Tech strongly believes that creating productive adult citizens begins with shaping well-rounded youth. To this end, the school has developed and continues to develop programs that will increase the success of students during their high school career, throughout college and into the workforce.

Law & Tech’s students will have a choice between three challenging institutes: Legal Studies, Science and Technology, and AVID-based curriculum. While Law & Tech offers Advanced Placement coursework in the core subject areas of Social Studies, English, Science, and Mathematics, the goal is to develop a full array of AP coursework including vertical pre-AP alignment. Law & Tech has also expanded its dual enrollment option, implementing College Now so that students can pursue and obtain the Associate’s degree while enrolled in high school. Intent on formulating an educational institution that prepares students for a competitive college and employment future, Law & Tech will continue to seek academic programs and community relationships that present students with myriad opportunities for success.

Situated in Brooklyn, Law & Tech rests between the neighborhoods of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick but students hail from as far away as the boroughs of Queens and Staten Island. Largely lower socioeconomic, the school is Title I with the majority of students qualifying for Free/Reduced Lunch. Ethnically, the school population consists of approximately 76% African-American students, 23% Hispanic and 1% Other. Gender-wise, Brooklyn University High School for Law services a nearly equal number of female and male students.The faculty and staff at Law & Tech represent a wide array of racial, ethnic and cultural groups with faculty members hailing from a variety of states and countries. Several teachers also hold backgrounds in middle school and college-level instruction lending an eclectic experience to the education of students.